7 Key Strategies for Updating Your Printer Fleet

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Is your company struggling with workflow efficiencies and overall effectiveness? Perhaps your outdated printer fleet is the problem. Overhauling your company's printer fleet can be a powerful way to streamline operations and strengthen security while reaffirming your organization's commitment to sustainability. But how can you make this process seamless and strategic? Here are 7 tactics you can utilize to ensure your investment in updating your fleet has a BIG payoff for your business. 

1. Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment  

The foundation of any effective update is understanding your fleet's current condition. This goes beyond simply checking the ages and models of your existing printers. You must carefully evaluate each machine's performance and usage patterns while considering how they align with your company's organizational needs.  

For example, a printer that's frequently used for high-volume tasks but tends to breakdown is a prime candidate for replacement, and it may be breaking down because it’s worked beyond its intended monthly volume. Other printers that are rarely used or serve redundant functions can be consolidated for maximum efficiency at minimal cost.  


2. Talk To Your Co-Workers 

Updating your printer fleet will go even smoother when the rest of your company is on board. And it's not just about getting them to agree with you, it's about understanding their needs. Different people need different printers. For instance, marketing might crave superior color accuracy and media flexibility, while finance seeks speed and security. Understanding these differences is key to selecting the right devices to enhance your fleet. 

3. Plan for the Future 

In any fleet update, it's important to not just address your company's current print needs, but to also anticipate any future needs. You don't need a crystal ball to make this happen. Instead, focus on choosing devices and solutions that can flexibly adapt and grow with your business.  

Consider getting modular printers that allow for easy upgrades and additional features as needed. Looking to the future ensures that your fleet will remain relevant today, tomorrow, and beyond. Working with a provider who is considering your long-term initiatives is important in creating an effective strategy. 

4. Always Prioritize Security 

Data breaches can happen all-too-easily with absolutely catastrophic consequences. In the push of a button, not only can your company's secure data become compromised - but the effects could lead to a massive loss of customer trust and business. Don't go through life "insecure". Opt for printers with built-in security features such as secure boot, firmware integrity checking, and user authentication. Safeguarding your company's sensitive data protects your patrons and your profits.  

5. Keep Efficiency at the Forefront 

Considering efficiency is crucial to any fleet upgrade. Modern printers with energy-saving modes, automatic duplex printing, and advanced toner technology not only reduce operational costs but also minimize your environmental footprint. These features aren't just happy little bonuses; they're key qualities that define the state of your fleet and determine to what extent you can depend on it.  

6. Empower Your Team with Training Materials 

Not introducing a new technology properly can create resistance.  An unfamiliar machine will be incredibly frustrating to your employees if they don't know how to use it. That's where comprehensive training programs create value. Taking time out of the workday to go over the helpful features and streamlined functions of your fresh new fleet can help everyone get in the groove.   

Well-informed and properly trained employees are more likely to embrace the new devices and use them to improve their productivity and job satisfaction. If you don’t have the time to properly train someone on your new print devices, ensure you work with a provider who offers training services as part of their solution.   

7. Consider Managed Print Services (MPS)

 Updating your fleet can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, you can always partner with an experienced Managed Print Services company, like FlexTG, to get the job done right. MPS, as the cool kids call it, offer a holistic approach to printer fleet management, encompassing everything from device maintenance to supply management and even usage monitoring.  

 By partnering with an MPS provider, you can tap into expert insights and tailored strategies that align with the unique needs of your business. MPS can simplify the fleet update process, identifying which devices to keep, upgrade, or replace, and managing the transition with minimal disruption to your operations. Furthermore, MPS can provide ongoing support and optimization with efficiency and cost in mind.  

A smart Investment 

Updating your printer fleet is a smart investment. With a bit of strategic innovation, you can simultaneously improve workflow, secure data, and reinforce your commitment to sustainability. But the true value of an updated fleet isn't the value of the machines, but how they make work and life better for everyone at your company. The real investment is in them. 

Businesses get better with an updated printer fleet. Not only can a faster, more efficient print operation help solve your company's workflow problems, but it can also lead to happier employees. Win-Win!  Yes, a bright, shining future is waiting for you and your printer fleet. And Flex Technology Group is ready to help you make it a reality. Reach out to us for a free assessment. 

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