Top 6 Printers for Business in 2024 [Ratings + Reviews]

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As the largest privately owned managed print provider in the United States, Flex Technology Group also has the distinct privilege of being brand-neutral when it comes to the printers we service for our customers. This means that we can offer an unbiased analysis of desktop printers for businesses, so we came up with a short list of the top printers for business.

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In the print industry, FTG has a data advantage by using software developed in-house that can gather data and communicate with any office printer, all in one view. This means, we can see usage data and make efficiency recommendations to any of our customers, giving us the best information to make an informed list of the best printers on the market today.

But we didn’t stop there.

To ensure that we are creating a list free of bias, we used third-party testing data provided by our friends at Buyer’s Laboratory. This combined with our own internal customer usage data gives us our recommendation.

Top Printer Formula Breakdown

This recommendation consists of a formula that is based on four key factors when determining the quality of a print device:

R + [(V+IQ+U+F)/4] = Rating

Reliability (R)

Your printer remaining online is the most important consideration because it doesn’t matter how strong your printer is in other areas if it doesn’t work. Because of this, we made “Reliability” equal to the average of the other three factors.

Value (V)

Value is relatively subjective, but for the purposes of our rankings, this metric evaluates operating costs for each device. Operating costs are just part of the overall equation, and although every organization has a budget to protect, all your printing needs should be considered. Often, machines that produce higher quality images, or at faster speeds, will cost more to operate.

Image Quality (IQ)

This consideration is based on a printer’s ability to color match and create clear/accurate prints. Admittedly, this may not be of great importance to you if your high quality prints are not critical to your operation (for instance, if printing is mostly black and white, for internal uses). Still, we chose to include it as a major factor because it directly affects the most important function of a printer.

Ease of Use (U)

No one wants a print device that is a hassle. This factor considers the intuitiveness of the interface, the ease of maintenance, walk-up experience, and overall workstation experience.

Features (F)

Desktop printers have a broad range of features offered. Everything from devices with basic print functions, to ones that are miniature multifunction copiers are available on the market. Not all these features are needed for most office environments, but for this list, we included machines that are more than just a standard printer. Still, if a machine on our list rates lower in this area, consider the need for additional features beyond basic printing functions.

Top 6 Printers For Business

If you are in a hurry and only looking for a recommendation, you can scan our list of Top Printers for Business, but if you have time, we have reviewed and rated each of these printers in more detail:

Best Color Printers For Business

Canon imageCLASS X LBP1127C

Canon imageCLASS X LBP1127C

Market Release: 2020
Speed: 28 ppm

This device provides high quality output in addition to flawless reliability. A great choice for smaller workgroups that are looking for a print device at a lower-than-average total cost of ownership.


  • Fast speeds across multiple tests
  • Memory capacity that is above average
  • Can support heavier paper stock than most competitors


  • The status of the device can only be checked through its embedded web utility, and most be monitored from a workstation.
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
9.5 9 9 9 10

Total Score: 19.125/20

HP LaserJet Enterprise M455dn

HP LaserJet Enterprise M455dn

Market Release: 2021
Speed: 29 ppm

A solid color printer choice, delivering outstanding reliability, above average speeds to competitive models, and an intuitive user-experience. Offering enterprise-level print security features within a low-volume print environment, this printer is a great option for teams needing something that is simple to use and reliable.


  • Print speeds are competitive with like-devices
  • Above average standard and maximum memory to manage job queues
  • Above average maximum paper capacity to reduce printing interruptions


  • Slightly below average paper weight support
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
8.75 9 9 9 10

Total Score: 18.9375/20

Lexmark CS431dw

Lexmark CS431dw

Market Release: 2020
Speed: 26 ppm

Upfront cost, cost per page, and total cost of ownership is slightly below average compared to similar devices, making this a better than average value. Additionally, near flawless reliability makes this print device very dependable.


  • East-to-navigate touchscreen display makes walk-up activity quick
  • Print output is professional looking enough for most professional environments
  • A high level of control is given to administrators, even with a print fleet of mixed hardware


  • Does not support printing from USB devices
  • Below average paper tray capacity
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
9 9 9 8 10

Total Score: 18.75/20


Best Black And White Printers For Business

Brother HL-L2305W

Brother HL-L2305W

Market Release: 2021
Speed: 24 ppm

A great choice for small and home office, this printer performs at a high level when it comes to reliability. Routine maintenance procedures are simple to understand for untrained users, and the value is excellent when considering total cost of ownership.


  • Speed of wake-up from hibernation mode is above average, allowing you to begin printing more quickly
  • Includes a bypass paper tray for thicker, heavier paper
  • Above average standard and maximum paper capacity when compared to similar printers


  • Paper weight is below average through the main paper tray, but is offset by the bypass tray
  • Device wake up from overnight sleep mode is slower than average.
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
9 8.5 8.5 8.5 10

Total Score: 18.625/20

Sharp MX-B350P

Sharp MX-B350P

Market Release: 2018
Speed: 35 ppm

This print device is a durable and economical choice, and provides professional-looking prints. It’s lower cost per page and great reliability makes this printer a great value for small work environments.


  • Above average paper weight supported by a bypass tray
  • Intuitive control panel and print driver makes for a great user-experience
  • Supports mobile printing


  • Slow job stream speeds
  • Low maximum paper capacity and below average paper weight supported within the main tray
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
9 8.5 8.5 7.5 10

Total Score: 18.375/20

HP LaserJet Enterprise M406dn

HP LaserJet Enterprise M406dn

Market Release: 2021
Speed: 40 ppm

The only printer on our list to be recommended for mid-sized workgroups with outstanding reliability. Additionally, performance, functionality, security features, and total cost of ownership make this print device a good value. Though image quality for this device is lower than other devices on our list, it should meet the demands of general office use.


  • Above average paper capacity for uninterrupted printing
  • Internal memory capacity of 1GB is competitive with similar devices
  • First print speeds are competitive to similar print models


  • Bypass tray paper weight is below average
  • More toner used per print than other models of the same class
Value Image Quality Ease of Use Features Reliability
8.5 7.5 8.5 8.5 10

Total Score: 18.25/20

The Case For Managed Print Services

Regardless of reliability, it’s important to remember that a printer without a proper service plan is only good until it breaks down. When print devices breakdown without a service plan, your only option is to ship it back to the manufacturer or purchase a new one. This is a hassle that no one wants, and in the meantime, other devices are saddled with higher workloads, shortening their lifespans.

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True managed print services (MPS) offer a brand-neutral option and can maintain your printers without the need to replace them. This means that if you want to avoid replacing your printers, but need service for them, you should be able to do so.

For enterprise organizations, MPS makes even more sense, as you’re able to leverage data that is collected from every device to make informed decisions. This is in addition to the benefit of being able to have a collage of printer brands that can be serviced by one provider while receiving one monthly bill to pay.

If you have questions regarding managed print services, you can reach out to Flex Technology Group to learn more.

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